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Nissan Nativ actiong studio. Tel Aviv.

“House of wishes” – directed by Haim Buzaglo.
“Whatever you say”- comic panel – channel Bip.
“Boby and me”- Directed by Yuval Segev, channel Bip.
“Sabri Meranan”-directed by Roby Duanies , channel 2.
“Naor’s friends”- directed by Noar Zion, channel 10.
“Loving Anna” – directed by Zion Rubbin, channel 10.

Hitganvot Yehidim – directed by Dover Koshashvilli.

“Hurt”- Acre festival 2011
“Lady Twisted” – Israel festival 2011
“Romeo and Juliet” – Israel festival 2010.

International campaign to Garnier.
Gianfranco campaign.

Dancing, Singing

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