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2007-2010 – kibbutzim college, Directing and Theater Teaching, Tel Aviv.
2003-2006 – “Sela” Yoram Levinshtin Acting School, Tel Aviv.

“Just For Today”
Drama, supporting role, Dir: Nir Bergman, Writer: Nir Bergman
Yes cable TV. (2018 IL). In Post-production.
Drama- Comedy, supporting role, Dir: Aviad Keidar, Writers: David Dahan, Ido Dror
Kids TV series Hot cable TV. (2018, IL).
“The Baker And The Beauty”
Drama- Comedy, Leading role. Sells to Amazon in 2017
Dir: Oded Reskin, Writer: Assi Azar. Keshet channel 2.. Seasons 1-2. (2015-2017 IL).
“All Right”
Satire Program, Leading role. Di: Ronen Noyfeld
Channel 1, (2015, IL).
Comedy, Leading role, Dir: Danny Sirkin, Writers: David Lifshiz,
Asaf Gefen. Keshet channel 2, (2015, IL).
“Hasabma Dor 3”
Drama Action, supporting role, Dir: Danny Sirkin
kids TV series, Hot cable TV (2013, IL).

“House of Wishes”
Drama, supporting role, Director and writer: Haim Buzaglo
Channel 1 (2013 IL)
“Haborer” Action Comedy, supporting role, Dir: Shay Kanot, Writer: Reshef Levi
Hot cable Tv. Season 3 (2011, IL).
“Ramzor” Comedy, supporting role, Director: Ohad Perach, Writer: Adir Miler
Keshet channel 2 (2011 IL).

“Bab el Ward”
Drama, Moroccan Film. A big sub role. Dir: Haim Buzaglo, Writer: Arik Mishali
Production: Lila Movies. (2019 IL). In Post-production.
“Merry Myself”
Romantic Comedy, Leading role, Dir and Writer: Eran A.B
Production: United king and Lightstream (2018 IL). In Post-production
Drama, supporting role, Dir and Writer: Noam Kaplan
Production: Gam Movies. (2014 IL).
“Srak Srak”
Drama, supporting role, Director: Haim Buzaglo, Writers: David Akerman, Iris Blumenstein. Production: United King (2010 IL).
“The Bend Visit”
Drama, supporting role, Director and Writer: Eran Kolirin
Production: Yuli August Productions, United King (2007, IL).

“Sky Army”
Di: Uri Paster Holiday Musical 2017.
“Mary Lou”
Di: Stiven Dekster, Hadran Productions, 2016.
“Salah Shabati”
Di: Gadi Zdaka, “The Time Theater”, 2016.
Di: Gadi Zdaka, “The Time Theater”, 2015.

“The abduction of the monastery”
Di: Yael Tillman, “The Time Theater”, 2015.
“The dreamer in Hebrew”
Di: Gadi Zdaka, “The Time Theater”, 2013.
“Romeo and Juliet”
Di: Michael Ronen, “The Israel Festival” and Gesher Theater, 2010.
“Live in a Movie”
Di: Shimaom Miran, Haifa Theater, 2007.
“Immediately an Israeli”
Di: Yakhi Macraz rip, “The Time Theater”, 2013. The Time Theater, 2007.
“Legend of the end of the season”
Di: Gil Czernowitz, The kibbutz theater.

Femina Commercial (2019).
Leading presenter of “Sale Club” (2017-2018).
Leading presenter of “Leumit Health Care Services” (2015).
Telma commercial (2010).

Dancing, Singing

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