English, Hebrew

Studied Theatre at the Thelma Yellin Art School

VIP – lead (two seasons)
The Mossad – lead (Two seasons).
Last seen – Lead
Mom and Dads – Lead
Haborer (four seasons) – Lead
The champ aka Haalifa (three seasons) – Lead
Venus sign – mini series – Lead
Moments of glory – central role
Cheers for love – Lead
Mobile post western galilee – Lead

PLAOUT – Directed by Avi Nesher
For the love of money – Directed by Ellie Kanner. Producer Izek Shomof
Yossi and Jagger- Directed by Eitan Fox, lead role as Jagger.
The film received a citation at the Jerusalem Film Festival 2002
Shwartz Dynasty- Directed by Samuel Hasfari, lead
The Tribe Flame- Directed by Yosef Sider

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour dream coat- role of Joseph
Oedipus, the trial of the Gods- n the role of Oedipus, Akko Theater Festival
Shir nolad aka song is born – Hanuka Festival
Fesitgal – Hanuka Festival – Appearing on one stage, the biggest stars in Israel. The Festigal is a song contest which Yehuda won twice for Best Song and Best Performance

Yehuda is currently leading the campaign of “Pelephone” – mobile company.
Yehuda is currently leading the campaign of “Renuar” – fashion company,
Yehuda led a 5 year fashion campaign for “FOX” a big Israeli fashion chain store.

Dancing, Singing

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